Il museo offre una residenza a artisti, scienziati e creativi vari per un massimo di un mese. Per ulteriori informazioni, contattaci per email.

The museum offers artists, scientists and other creatives a residence for up to one month. For more information, please email us.



May 2019

When in late 2018 Bialetti Industrie S.p.A. is facing bankruptcy, artist David Bergé started gathering and cataloguing Bialetti octagonal stove top coffeemakers in different sizes and models, as well as clones by other brands.

Although the Moka Express itself is part of the collection of major design museums around the globe, it is hard to find a genealogy of the products, critical literature or even (ironically, coffee table) books explaining and celebrating the history of Bialetti.

David Bergé is currently preparing a new artistic work: OCTOGONAL ORIENTATION, to engage with this phenomenon. 

During his residence, in collaboration with the Museum of Anthropocene Technologyfield research took place with visits to factories in ruins, the Alessi archive, and interviews with members of the Bialetti family and with museum and art curators. 

(text David Bergé)


Decembre 2018

Study period in preparation of "JACKIE": a theater play by Elfriede Jelinek directed by Alan for  the Lugano Art Centre (LAC) in March 2019


May 2018

Study period and rehearsals of "L'ULTIMO EROE" a new solo piece written by Daniele and premiered at Teatro FOCE, Lugano in May 2019.